Monday, 21 September 2009

1. What were your perceptions of Media Studies when tyou started this course?
My perceptions of media were that i was going to learn about the production of various forms of media. eg. television, film, newspapers etc
2. Have those perceptions changed?
No because we have looked at the production of Hollyoaks and also Casino Royale
3. What has gone well for you?
Beginning to make the websites has gone well because i understood well the tasks that we were asked to do in pairs.
4. What have you not understood?
I didn't really understand about the changing of light in television shows.
5. What have you understood about the Casino Royal DVD?
I understood that sound in a multi-million dollar movie is much more complex than in a simple episode of a TV drama. There are many layers and sound is seldom actually recorded on the initial take.
6. How have you appriciated the short film Gone Fishing?
I enjoyed watching Gone Fishing because it had elements of comedy in it, as well as serious moments. The fact that it is very short but has a huge impact on the audience shows that it is a moving piece and it is clear why it has won so many awards.

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