Monday, 10 May 2010

How did you attract/ address your audience?

We started off by doing primary website research, looking to see the conventions of other websites devoted to animal conservation. This helped us easily establish what we should ensure to include in our site to make it as simple yet effective as possible, and easily reached by the public.
The audience we aimed to target our site at were specifically those between the ages of twenty one and thirty, after primary research. We decided as a group, however, to still try to aim for other ages, and so we decided to design our site aiming at all ages as well as specifying the particular group we were hoping to attract.

The particular language we used on our site is formal yet simple and used in such a way that anyone can understand it. We aimed to appeal to all audiences and so we knew the simple language would appeal to people of all backgrounds and intellectualities.
We stuck to colours we associated with zoos, such as greens and blues. We found out through research that these colours were calming to an audience and so would be very welcoming to any of our potential guests and donors.

We placed our logo in the far left corner of the page and a navigation bar near the top of the screen, which was a consistent theme placed on each page of the site in order for our users to be able to steer themselves easily around the site.

Our font size was a size 12, which is big enough for users to read but not too big to make the page look distasteful. Our headers were set at size 23, in order to clarify the difference between the header and the writing below. It is important for our site users to be able to easily distinguish the difference between the header and the remainder of the text.

We hoped for the public to be able to use our site freely and easily. We were confident with the product we have composed and know it will be appealing to the public. Additional help from our subject teacher helped us to ensure we covered each aspect of what was needed to create an effective site.

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